Signalsitemap -Signal Field Trail Tool For Android

SignalSiteMap(Android) is designed for communication enthusiasts and fans.

Support Filed Test / Indoor Test / Check Cell Info / Offline Map / Wifi Info...

Fit to GSM, CDMA, UMTS... phone. It's only for android now.

If you want signalsitemap VIP version, just donate by paypal (Account is and send IMEI to

Download 1: SignalSiteMap.apk

Signalsitemap PC Tools and SignalSitemap User Guide: Signalsitemap PC Tools and user Guide

Fit to GSM, CDMA, UMTS phone

1. Show the information about RSSI/ ECIO/ Distance/NB cell/ signal strength of the cell you used.

2. Field test record and replay.

3. Support database, load database cell on current screen

4. Support navigate and set alarm to searched cell

5. Indoor test

Signalsitemap PC Tools :